Become a “Snail”ebrity!

While designed with therapy in mind, our planners are non-specific enough to be adaptable for other purposes, and we’d LOVE to see what creative people come up with! For this reason, we’ve established our “Snail”ebrity Challenge. Yep, some companies have celebrities, but we have “snail”ebrities.

If you want to join the elite, rise to the challenge and come up with a fun new use for one of our planners! Once you do, take a picture of the planner pages (showing how you used it as an academic planner, or health planner, or prayer journal, etc.) and send it to us. If we choose to showcase it on social media, we will reimburse 50% of the cost of the planner you purchased, AND you will become one of our “snailebrities”!

Looking forward to seeing what all you innovative geniuses come up with!