Snails Trails Therapy/Medical Six Month Planner



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Our signature “Snail Trail” PACE CREW Therapy Planner is styled for the busy family who wants to keep on top of therapy sessions in a simple yet fun way.  The planner may also be adapted for medical purposes as well.  Because our six month planner is undated, it allows families to immediately start using it for therapy at any time during the year.  Our planner features blank calendars, pages for recording weekly therapy sessions and weekly therapy exercises, monthly goal planning, blank dot and grid pages for graphing progress, and special areas for recording encouraging or inspiring words and memories.  We like to keep things simple (life is complicated enough already), so we designed the planner with white space in mind, punctuated occasionally with our merry signature snail who reminds us to keep going!


*Protective poly cover for when planner is not in use.

*Undated monthly calendar pages – keep track of appointments and record special accomplishments.  No month names or dates are provided so families can choose to decorate each month when and how they prefer.

*Note pages

*Monthly Personal Spread – features an area to record an inspirational quote for the month as well as areas for recording special memories and personal goals.

*Therapy Spread – features an area for note-taking during a therapy session as well as special areas for recording questions (before or during a session), encouragement given by the therapist, and any weekly goals.

*Therapy Exercises Spread – features areas to record daily therapy exercises AND an area to note any accomplishments for the week (this spread could also serve as a record of what was completed during the week if your therapist should ask about progress made or exercises worked on).

*Graph Paper – features a dot and a grid graph for each month where families may choose to graph progress.  Additional graphs are provided at the end of the planner if needed.

*Pocket – this feature allows families to slip any medical pamphlets, print-outs, or receipts inside the planner for easy retrieval when needed.

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