PACE CREW – Who We Are…

Once upon a time, a family was created and a story was born. Now as everyone knows, a really good tale must have a plot, and theirs was a doozy (which means “an extraordinary one of its kind” according to Merriam-Webster).

Early in their adventure together, the little family learned what it meant to weather the storm of life. Battered by a rain of medical diagnoses, they determined, with God’s help and grace, to find a way through. It was not the short way. It was not the easy way. It was the best way, for it taught them deeply of treasured things. Jewels of perseverance, strength, patience, and love were added to the storehouses of heart and mind, and their eyes glimpsed the miraculous in what others see as “every day”.

Though challenges were many, joys and accomplishments swayed the balance. They met new people – wonderful therapists, doctors, friends. Simple achievements were not cast aside with little thought but celebrated together. Difficulties became opportunities to grow in strength, empathy, love, and patience. Giving up was not a choice worth making, but embracing their journey together was.

The little band continued on in this way until one day the realization was reached that perhaps they could help others of similar circumstance. They had recently made the decision to learn some new skills and went to work, using them to create items which could be put to practical use and some just for fun. This is our story and this is our crew.

PACE stands for:

P – Press on.

A – Aim high.

C – Celebrate!

E – Embrace your journey.

Whether you’ve just received a new diagnosis or are a veteran of challenging life circumstances, there is room for you on the crew! Join us and spread the word! It’s time to go snailing (yes, we did say SNAILing)….

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